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As you can imagine, there are a wide variety of drum set accessories available to todays drummers. What you need to go with your drum set really depends on what you plan to use it for, where you practice and/or gig with it, even what kind of flooring you're going to set it up on. 

Some beginner drum sets come with everything you need to get started including drumsticks. 

But drumsticks break. Once you get a handle on your stick technique, you may want a different size, shape, or weight of drum stick. There are many variables when it comes to sticks. Many drummers also keep different types of sticks for different situations. Multi-rods, brushes, and hybrids of the two are popular for different sounds and volume levels.

Drumheads break. Not only that, but as you gain experience you'll find you develop a preference for a certain type or kind of drumhead. 

You may find that your drum throne is uncomfortable or too wobbly. How secure you are on your drum throne can have a great effect on how well you're playing. If you're uncomfortable on it, you're not going to want to practice for very long no matter how much you enjoy it.

More drum set accessories

You may need a drum set rug because your bass drum keeps sliding around on your hardwood floor, or the retractable spikes on your bass drum pedal that are supposed to help stop that are leaving gouges in the floor. 

Your neighbors may not enjoy your new hobby as much as you do. It could be time to get some low volume cymbals or some Remo silent stroke drumheads to keep them happy.

If you're ready to expand your drum set or cymbal set up, you may need a way to mount those new cymbals. You might want to invest in a rack system instead of individual stands. 

If you're looking to learn double bass playing, you'll at least need a good double bass drum pedal.

When you're ready to start playing gigs or going to rehearsals, you might want to invest in a drum bag set or some drum set cases to protect them in transit.

If you're going to play gigs or set up your own home studio, you'll need a good drum mic set, mic cables, a mixer, and some software to record with.

There are other drum set accessories like cowbells, effects cymbals, blocks, mountable tambourines, or any number of other add-ons that will add flavor and variety to your playing. 

You could also add drum triggers, or an electronic multi-pad to program loops or whatever sounds you need. This would turn your kit into a hybrid drum set.

How about a rotating drum riser, a huge gong, a xylophone, a glockenspiel, a full set of concert tympanies! A smoke machine! Concert lighting for your practice room! A giant banner on the wall behind you with your name on it! The possibilities are ENDLESS!......Sorry got carried away for a second there.

Usually you don't know what you need until you need it.

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