the mapex drum set

Explore the Mapex Drum Set line up here. Mapex has been making high quality, great sounding drums for decades now and produce a really great product. Check out their offerings here starting with their entry level kits and working your way up.

your guide to the mapex drum set line up

The Mapex Storm Series is Mapex's entry level kit. The all poplar shells have Mapex's SONIClear bearing edge which gives the drums plenty of tone and make tuning easier. Offered in four different five piece configurations for fusion or rock and in four different finishes.

The Mapex Mars Series comes with all birch shell and Mapex's SONIClear bearing edges for a clear tone, fast rebound, and ease of tuning. They come in four different configurations from rock to jazz and in six different finishes.

The Mapex Armory Series are made with shells of a birch/maple/birch combination for excellent tonal expression. Available in five different configurations for fusion, rock or the studio and in five different finishes.

The Mapex Saturn Series are made with a maple/walnut hybrid shell that, when combined with their SONIClear bearing edges and Mapex nodal line air flow venting scheme create drums that sound equally good tuned high for jazz or low for rock. Available in three different configurations for fusion, rock, or whatever and in four different finishes. Only offered in shell packs and without snares, so you can pick just the right snare for your needs.

The Mapex Saturn Evolution Series are made with a birch/walnut hybrid shell and come with Mapex's Halo mounting system which allows for the shell to vibrate freely or the amount of dampening and decay can be controlled with an adjustment knob. Available in eleven different no snare shell packs and in ten different finishes.

The Mapex Black Panther Series is offered in three different flavors. The Blaster shell pack made with maple/walnut shells and a combination of hoop profiles and bearing edges that give them a dark explosive sound. The Velvetone shell pack has it's maple/walnut/maple shells that are responsive at any volume. The Black Widow shell pack has a thin all-maple shell and a bearing edge that give them a warm full-bodied sound. All three flavors are available in their own finish and in a five piece shell pack with no snare, so you can pick the perfect snare for your needs.

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