The pearl drum set

This is where you can learn about the Pearl Drum Set Line up and decide which one best suits your needs and budget. Pearl has been an industry leader for decades and they are played by many top drummers.

your guide to the pearl drum set line up

The Pearl Roadshow Jr. series is scaled down full 5 piece Pearl drum set for smaller drummers, but comes with everything you would expect in a full size kit. Comes in two wrap finishes, silver sparkle and black. Cymbals are included.

The Pearl Roadshow series is designed for the beginner in mind as they even include a cymbal and a pair of high hats. They are made with poplar shells with a PVC wrap finish in multiple colors, and come in four different configurations to choose from. Many drummers have gotten their start with this Pearl drum set.

The Pearl Midtown Series is designed to be highly portable. Available only as a shell pack, it comes with a 16" bass drum, 10" tom, 13" floor tom, and a 13" in snare. The shells are made from poplar and come in two different sparkle wrap finishes.  You can get an optional set of travel bags for transporting them safely.

The Pearl Export Exx series is made with poplar/mahogany shells for a higher end sound. This series comes in several configurations and with solid, midrange hardware, including isolation mounts for the toms. The Exx line comes in several durable wrap finishes.

The Pearl Export Exl series is identical to the Exx series except for the finishes. The Exl series offers some truly beautiful lacquer finishes that look outstanding.

The Pearl Decade Maple Series is meant to be the kit advanced drummers upgrade to. The shell are made from all maple and come in a variety of super nice looking lacquer finishes. They come with a bunch of pro features and in several configurations.

The Pearl Crystal Beat Series utilize the acrylic shells that Pearl has been making since 1973. These shells are available in ultra clear, frosted clear, ruby red, and tangerine glass and really make a statement. This series is only available as a shell pack and is even available with single headed toms for a more retro sound. While Pearl does make snare drums with these shells, they must be ordered separately. 

The Pear Sessions Studio Select Series is a studio quality line available as shell packs only in three different configurations. The shell are made with birch on the outer plys and African mahogany on the inside, this combined with the shallow sixty degree bearing edge give them a lot of resonance control and a higher volume. These professional grade drums are offered in a variety of wraps and lacquer finishes.

The Pearl Masters Maple Complete Series are made with all maple cross laminated shells for warm mid-range tones with punch. They are available in shell packs with snares available separately and some nice finishes for a truly unique custom look.

The Pearl Masters Maple Reserve has all maple shell construction that goes back decades. A thinner shell with reinforcing rings on the ends give these drums a very retro sound and amazing tonal qualities. They're available in shell packs with a variety of beautiful finishes with chrome or gold hardware for a look that is as classic as the sound. 

the Pearl Masters Maple/Gum series is optimized for the studio. These thin, dense shells are made with, you guessed it, maple and gum woods. This combination with a shallow sixty degree bearing edge make them ideal for recording situations.

The Pearl Music City Custom Series is assembled right in Nashville. The shells can be all maple, or a combination of maple, mahogany, and birch made like the shells in the reference, reference pure, masters maple reserve, or the masters maple/gum series. There are thirty-five different wraps that these drums can come in for a truly custom drum set.

The Pearl Reference Pure Series are made with birch/maple/mahogany shells that are thinner than normal for excellent, nuanced response. They are also available in a wide variety of wraps or lacquered finishes. Sound great. Look great.

The Pearl Reference Series is unique in that each of the shells have a combination of maple, birch, and mahogany that is unique to that particular size of drum. That is to say that the number of plys of each wood differ depending on the size. This allows every drum, from the bass drum to the smallest rack tom, to be optimized for the best sound possible. They are available in sixty different wrap and lacquer finishes.

The Pearl Masterworks Series is their most varied line up. Available with any shell available in their higher end drums and any hardware combination. They are offered with a high gloss lacquer, sparkle lacquer, transparent satin lacquer, or a gloss metallic paint finish. Also you can custom order them with custom graphics, lacquer banding, artisan elements, or pinstriping.  Just about anything goes.

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