your guide to zildjian cymbals

The Avedis Zildjian company has been making high quality Zildjian Cymbals continuously since 1623. They are the premier cymbal makers in the world. To keep up with the ever changing and varied music styles available today, Zildjian has developed various types and lines of cymbals, all designed to please any drummer, on any budget. All Zildjian products, while sold globally, are made in the USA.

We will concentrate on their drum set offerings, since that is the main theme of this website.

  • Planet Z- Zildjian's offering for the entry level market, these cymbals come in all the standard sizes and are suitable for any style of music. They have a cutting, bright sound that is more controlled than you would expect from cymbals in this price range. Perfect for the beginning drummer.
  • The I family- Zildjian's next step up line of cymbals, these have a wider variety of profiles, weights, and FX sounds. Geared for the intermediate drummer looking to get to the next level.
  • The S family- Zildjian's Highest level of non-cast cymbals come in a very wide assortment of sizes, weights, and FX sounds. All are hammered and lathed to give you the most dynamic and musical sound you can get in this price range. Ideal for when your increasing abilities require a more varied and polished cymbal set up.

The A family of zildjian cymbals

The A Family of Cymbals. Designed to have a variety of classic sounds that are still revalent for todays musical tastes.

  • A Custom- Lower profiles, smooth tones, brighter sounds, The A customs are well suited to studio work.
  • A Zildjian- These cymbals embody the classic sounds of some of the greatest drummers ever put to a record. Bright and cutting, these cymbals range from thin to thick.
  • A Avedis- This collection pays homage to the timeless Zildjian sounds featured on the best hits throughout most of the 20th century. These are thin cymbals that play, feel, and sound amazing.

The k family of zildjian cymbals

The K Family of Cymbals. These Zildjian offerings are perfect for small gigs or acoustic settings with their light weight and lower pitch.

  • K Kerope- Dark and complex sounding, these are the most authentic handcrafted recreation of vintage Zidjians yet.
  • K Zildjian- Deep and warm sounding, these cymbals have a heritage that dates back to 19th century Turkey.
  • K Custom- These dark, rich, and dry cymbals live up to there custom moniker. 
  • K Constantinople- At the tippy top of the Zildjian line up are these astounding hand crafted and hammered cymbals. Although originally intended for Jazz playing, they have found their way into almost every genre of modern music to date.

Zildjian's l80 low volume cymbals

The L80, low volume cymbal, line gets its name because they are designed to be 80% quieter than a standard cymbal. The sound and play just like their full volume counterparts, but are ideal for small practice areas, low volume acoustic gigs, or unhappy neighbors.

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